8th Annual Spring Break Tournament

The teams are loaded, the weather is looking decent, and the admission is free, so come on out to Anhorn Field for the 8th Annual Spring Break Tourney!

Monday, March 24th
10:00am Crater 2 vs. South Salem 5
1:00pm West Salem 5 vs. Grants Pass 1
4:00pm Southridge  13 vs. Benson 12
7:00pm Westview  6 vs. North Salem 1

Tuesday, March 25th
10:00am Grants Pass 6 vs. Southridge 4
1:00pm South Salem 8 vs. Westview 7
4:00pm North Salem 6 vs. Benson 1
7:00pm Crater 2 vs. West Salem 1

Wednesday, March 26th
10:00am Benson 5 vs. West Salem 20
1:00pm Southridge vs. North Salem
4:00pm South Salem 11 vs. Grants Pass 1
7:00pm Crater 4 vs. Westview 4

Thursday, March 27th
10:00am Benson 15 vs. South Salem 19
1:00pm Grants Pass 3 vs. Westview 13
4:00pm West Salem 8 vs. Southridge 4
7:00pm Crater 2 vs. North Salem 1